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What are Butt Plugs?

If you are a relative newbie to the wonderful and exciting world of gay sex toys, then you might be a little bit unfamiliar with all the fantastic tricks of the trade – you might be unaware of the butt plug and its immense ability to provide a plethora of pleasure. Understand what it is that a good butt plug can do – a good butt-plugging – and you will understand why it is essential that you expediate yourself to your nearest online gay sex toy shop and plug yourself into a butt plug.

So what exactly are they? Well a butt plug is not dissimilar to a dildo, in some respects. It could be aptly described as a dildo that is better suited, ergonomically for the anus. They generally tend to be shorter than a dildo, and taper in a fashion better suited to the task of creating sexual pleasure.

All important to the butt plug is the flange aspect of its design. Whilst we all want to experience the pleasure of having an adequate sense of fulfilment when stimulated in the butt, none of us want to endure the hardship that is a trip to the local accident and emergency department to have something removed from up inside of us! There is no fear of this, though, with the butt plug, because its flange makes it purpose built so that once the party’s over it can be easily removed – without the help of a medical professional!

When it comes to choosing one you will find yourself utterly spoilt for choice. They come in so many differed colours, shapes, sizes and textures that it makes sense to start a collection of butt plugs – it isn’t as though any of us only eat one type of pork, now, is it?

Technology has brought about an unequivocal level of dynamism to the world of the butt plug, and so as well as a whole load of choice when it comes to colour, size, shape and texture, there are also amazing other options such as the ones that can be filled with liquids to simulate the immense sensation of being come up inside of. There are also all manner of vibrating models, along with ones that are designed to go to work on that all-important prostate. A good collection of butt plugs will have you climaxing in ways that you never thought possible.

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The Joys of a Cock Ring

What is the big deal with cock rings? Well, everyone would love for their erection to have the same level of virility – of sturdy stiffness – that it presents itself with upon becoming aroused. Who can think of anything worse than when the desire to engage with a partner is still there, but the penis has given up the ghost? Nobody wants to get even a touch of ‘Captain Flaccid’ when in the throes of sensuousness, which is why the cock ring is the biggest of small investments.

Sustainability is a word most associated with saving the environment, but what about a sustained erection – what about cock rings? You can apply the same word to the environment that is your bedroom, and sustainability is what you are talking about when you indulge in the use of a cock ring. Experience the ultimate in erectile longevity when you slip a cock ring on, because you will suddenly become the one who dictates just how hard your big ticket stays, with everything becoming a matter of when YOU decide that enough is enough.

Nothing in the world compares to being begged to stop. It is the biggest compliment to your ability between the sheets. Let’s consider the flipside for a second – NO, actually, let’s not, because we’ve got cock rings! Having someone in awe of your virility is basically what a cock ring is about, and there is a certain sense of self-fulfilment to be found in those final, ‘begging for mercy’ thrusts that separate not just the men from the boys, but the men from the MEN.

There is also the level of versatility that a cock ring provides. Dependent on your size and shape, you might find that a cock ring gives you an optimised level of fulfilment when you simply wrap it around your shaft. You can do what some other guys do, though, as an alternative, and pull it right over both your shaft, and your testicles. Either way that decreased flow of blood to your ticket’s tissues is going to make for a night’s worth of relentless pleasure than could well develop into a morning’s worth of even more of the same.

Spare little surprise if you find yourself in the same position as the following evening creeps in, still more than up for it, still wearing your cock ring with a level of satisfaction that makes you wonder why you don’t see if you can have a permanent cock ring fitted and have yourself away with the mediocrity of normalised performance. The advice here is to visit a good online gay sex shop and buy one – today.

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Prostate Massagers

With the world of male sex toys coming up with new and wonderful ways to bring us off, it is no surprise that something gets developed from time to time that has us all utterly flummoxed as to what it is – what it does. The prostate massager is one such item, and you may well be wondering just what it is like to have your prostate massaged. A quick session with a prostate massager will give you your answer – sensational!

Prostate massagers are a relatively new addition to the wonderful world of men’s’ sex toys. They work by vibrating away deliciously on that often overlooked erogenous zone, the prostate. Due to their specific proximity to our rectal walls, our prostates are essential to ejaculation. We can access our hypersensitive prostates, either via our anuses, or our perineum. Dependent on the type of prostate massager you buy, either both the anus and perineum are stimulated, or both.

Specific prostate massagers give you a better impression of how a prostate massager functions, and the specific area that is being stimulated, whereas there are plenty on the market that are essentially hybrid dildos. The latter come with a typical dildo shaft, but also a secondary nub, describable, aesthetically, as being similar to an acorn.

Generally set at between 45-90 degrees of the main shaft of the dildo/massager, this ‘nub’ is used to stimulate the perineum, and therefore the prostate, whilst the primary shaft is inserted inside the anus. The shaft of these hybrids is generally somewhat asymmetrical in comparison to a regular dildo, in order to redistribute pressure to the area of the rectal wall that brings about prostate stimulation.

With bona fide prostate massagers it is the rectal wall that gets specific, focussed attention. Such prostate massagers have a slender handle with a roughly acorn-shaped, acorn-sized bulb at the end. It is this bulb that gets inserted into the anus. Due to its specific size and shape, the bulb is inserted the specific distance inside the rectum that is required for the prostate to be massaged.

Due to the hypersensitivity of the prostate, and the fact that the massager sits exactly where it needs to be for the optimum stimulation of the prostate, very little time is needed for an almost overwhelming sense of orgasmic delight to be experienced. Indeed, it is not uncommon for some people to ‘complain’ that prostate massagers are too good, likening the sensation to the type of laughter that is experienced through being tickled.

Whilst a massager that massages your perineum is effective, and will bring about climax, it is the massagers that focus on the rectal wall area that bring about a more definite, intense climax. Individuals somewhat on the insatiable side will prefer certain brands of prostate massager that focus heavily on both areas.

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What is a Penis Pump?

If you haven’t asked yourself what a penis pump is before, then there is a good chance that you haven’t asked yourself just what in God’s name is, or are, the benefits of using one. There are multiple fallacies as to why it is that the penis pump is something that seems to grow – and – grow – and grow in popularity, but up until now there has been no clear clarification of what makes them such an integral part of any self-respecting collection of sex toys – let’s debunk all the myths.

It is important, on the part of any potential ‘pumpist’, to be of the realisation that many an ignorant individual is guilty of the belief that the penis pump is nothing more than an outlandish way to hyperbolise the act of love making, and to suggest that pleasure exists just outside of excruciation – not so.

A penis pump, should you never have seen one, is essentially a plasticised see-through tube that, when put to use, enlarges the penis via a succession of pumps that are created using either a motorised or manual suction system. The reason that the tube is transparent is so that the user can witness the expansion of their penis. Once the penis has reached an optimum girth and length, it is time for the pump to be removed, and for the fun to begin.

Once the penis has been enlarged, it becomes fit for purpose. We all know that the holes we want to fit are a variant that requires a far more flexible tool than the one we have all been given. The penis pumps fills multiple middle grounds that exist between flaccidity and the erectile state – the semi-on.

And so, to be fit for purpose in any sexual situation, and without the strictures that are imposed by girth – length – there is only one real option for the man who wants a penis that is fit for any occasion. A penis pump, via its ability to pump up a penis to a specific size, creates a level of synergy between the orifice that the penis is destined for, and the penis itself.

Everybody knows that there is very little worse than underperformance, be it a premature come, or an inappropriate fit. What a penis pump is, is an opportunity to feel that you, as a person who wants to indulge in lovemaking, is capable of meeting the multifarious requirements of any given lover.

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